China Life Hacks – Hotels

As the saying goes - you get what you pay for. And sometimes you won't even get that. Hotel stays in China can be miserable or half enjoyable depending on your expectations & price.Do yourself a favor & have a backup plan. Some Hostels in China don't require IDs for admittance. When in doubt, bribe! source Read more [...]

Japanese water skier gets hit in crotch by jumping fish【Video】

Four second video shows a true one-in-a-million shot.In these bleak days of escalating military tensions and Frieza babies, we would all use a good laugh. And what more universal path to laughter is there than watching a guy get hit in the nuts by something? It’s a tried and tested formula that has been carrying America’s Funniest Home Videos for the past 28 years. With so many groin shot videos, it’s easy to assume we’ve seen it all, but not so fast. We now present to you: Water skier Read more [...]

Sleep like a samurai – Travel provider offers one-night stay in a Japanese castle

Free package includes dinner modeled after meals eaten by feudal lords. Although I spent several years working in the hotel industry, my personal travel style makes me pretty flexible as far as picking as accommodations are concerned. As long as the location is good and the room clean, I don’t need a whole lot of other amenities, especially if I’m staying for just one night (if there’s a convenience store nearby that sells local beer, that’s just icing on the cake). That said, I have Read more [...]

ハンガーでできる24のコト/24 Simple Hanger Life Hacks/100均一の針金ハンガーやプラスチックのハンガーを使ったライフハック動画

ハンガーは100円ショップの針金ハンガーとプラスチックハンガーをメインで使いました。ハンガーって意外と使い道多かったんですね(笑) In this video I show you 24 Things Wire coat hangers & Plastic hanger Life Hacks!!1 バナナハンガー 2 便利な物干しハンガー 3 プルタブを使った裏技 4 チェーンを使ったコンパクト収納 5 洗濯バサミ置き 6 消しゴムを使った滑り止め 7 トレーナーの肩が飛び出ないかけ方 8 ズボンのかけ方 9 ネクタイ用ハンガー 10 ズボンがシワにならないハンガー 11 カーディガン用ハンガー 12 マガジンラック 13 ペーパータオルかけ 14 靴下ハンガー 15 滑り止めハンガー 16 枕用ハンガー 17 滑り止めハンガー 18 風で飛ばされないハンガー 19 干す場所に困らない方法 20 滑り止めハンガー 21 タンクトップ用ハンガー 22 シーツ用ハンガー 23 Tシャツをハンガーに掛ける時に楽な方法 24 靴用ハンガー BONUS Read more [...]

Carnivores and boozehounds assemble! Here comes Japan’s massive one-kilo “Beer Can Hamburg”【Pics】

In Japan’s largest prefecture, we found what just might be it’s largest hamburger steak.Among the classifications of food in Japan is one called yoshoku. Literally meaning “Western food,” yoshoku could more accurately be described as Japanese-oriented reworkings of commonly used Western ingredients and/or cooking styles, which results in things such as omurice rice omelettes. One of the most popular types of yoshoku is simply called hamburg, a patty of ground meat that’s flat-grilled Read more [...]

3 Popular “Japanese Things” that don’t exist in Japan! 「日本っぽい」もの?

There are a lot of "Japanese Things" in America. Some of those things don't actually exist in Japan, though.Ryosuke and I find this hilarious. We were talking about it a couple weeks ago (after a friend from high school came to visit me here in Tokyo) - and we were like "Hey, we should do a video about this!!!"And if you have any other "stereotypical Japanese things that don't exist in Japan" - please leave them in the comments section!One-time donation (to support the creation of videos): Read more [...]

We tried Japan’s first nitro cold-brew coffee at the Starbucks in Tokyo’s new GINZA SIX

Starbucks and coffee nuts alike shouldn’t miss out on this unique, luxurious method of coffee preparation.GINZA SIX, the largest retail facility in Tokyo’s posh Ginza district, finally opened its doors on April 20th to extreme fanfare. This new shopping and cultural center features over 241 high-end brands, including many international names that are marking their Japanese debut. Approximately 2,500 people waited in line on the morning of the 20th to be there for the grand opening of GINZA Read more [...]

Mystery of flesh-melting road in Kawasaki solved

Simply stepping foot on a stretch of pavement in Kawasaki has left at least three people with injuries on their feet.Strangeness broke out on the bank of the Tama River which runs between Kawasaki and Tokyo earlier this month. Three cases of people who received chemical burns on their feet after running along the river were reported. ▼ Approximate area of the incidentsEach victim was using the same stretch of a marathon course but noticed nothing out of the ordinary prior to their injuries. Read more [...]

Kristian Domenic Blix – I Fart Tha “i’m your tamagotchi”

Med Natalie og Jan Bakken.

Filmet og redigert av Eilert Jo Han Sen @gertno



If you’ve got 25 grand lying around, you might be able to buy this life-sized anime girl statue

Really, is there any more sensible way to spend that money than in obtaining a 1:1-scale figure of the female lead of one of anime’s most popular harem series?Just like human beings need a strong sense of identity for a rich, fulfilling life, so too does an anime series need to understand exactly what itself is in order to be successful. In the case of To Love-Ru and its follow-up To Love-Ru Darkness, the people in charge of the anime and manga know that while they’ve got science fiction Read more [...]
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