Video of teen killing squid on Twitter sparks controversy over what we know about our food

Video’s creator surprised at “how little people know” about the world they live in.On 20 May a student specializing in the fishery industry posted a video in which he drives a blade into the torso of a live squid that he had just caught from the ocean. The video came with the caption, “This video shows the ikejime process of preparing a squid. For your information.” In the video, which can be seen on the creator’s Twitter account, a metal tool is stabbed into the body of the still-living Read more [...]

3 simple life hack you don’t know

in this video,i will show you 3 simple life hack that you have to know, please like,shear and subscribe to my channel for more interesting videos.Music;Tobu - Candyland [NCS Release]Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]watch testing my home made helicopter on;watch how to make a helicopter that flies on;watch how to make helicopter blades on;watch how to join both blades on;watch how to make a quadcopter on;add me up on facebook on; source Read more [...]

Taiwan’s host of mascot characters invade Japan, bring own brand of cuteness to the country

Watch out Japan, these oddly adorable mascots are coming in strong!FRESH TAIWAN is a movement aimed at promoting Taiwan’s rich culture, much like what COOL JAPAN does with Japan. Things are heating up though, as Taiwan’s horde of popular mascots will be appearing at Tokyo Big Sight in June, giving Japan a taste of the mascots from its island neighbor. First up on the list of Taiwanese mascots making an appearance is Riceman, a depiction of a salaryman working at a game company. He has Read more [...]

10 Simple Life Hacks Part 2

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Catch Squirtle at Build-A-Bear in June 2017!

Build-A-Bear recently announced a new addition to its Pokémon Collection – the feisty water turtle, Squirtle – will be available online and in stores starting June 1st.The online set will cost $60 USD and include a raincoat, an Ultra Ball hoodie, an exclusive Pokémon card, and a prerecorded sound chip with Squirtle’s cry. (Thank God, I thought I was going to have to stand in the Build-A-Bear store screaming “SQUIRT-SQUIRTLE” into a recording device.) In stores, the Squirtle base Read more [...]

KFC Philippines searches for new Colonel Sanders

It worked for Journey, why not Kentucky Fried Chicken?KFC Philippines has launched auditions for an actor to fill the role of the beloved bolo-tie wearin’ baron of browned chicken, Colonel Sanders. Of course, this person would both have to represent the rich culture and diversity of the Philippines as well as the legacy of the holder of the eleven secret herbs and spices. Auditions were held and naturally such a coveted role brought out three of the Philippines’ finest actors: Ronaldo Read more [...]

25 Lifehacks To Solve Your Most Annoying Problems

Tweet this video! -Unless you're superhuman you probably have some annoying day to day problems like most of us. Unfortunately we can't solve all of them in a top 25 list but we'll do our best! Here are 25 lifehacks to solve your most annoying problems.Check out the text version too! -Here's a preview:You may already know about this one, but old CD spindles make for pretty awesome lunch boxesWe don't have time to discuss physics but apparently placing a spoon across a boiling pot of Read more [...]

We try the latest Pringles flavours released in Japan

The taste of New York and eggs come delivered in a can for a limited time.After recently viewing all the amazing Pringles flavours ever released in Japan, we couldn’t help but wonder what their next weird and wonderful releases might be. We didn’t have to wait too long, because the company just added two more limited-edition flavours to their range, and we immediately headed out to find them as soon as they went on sale. ▼ Say hello to New York T-bone Steak and Eggs Benedict Pringles.First Read more [...]

100均のダブルクリップでできる15のコト/15 Life Hack things do with binder clip/まとめライフハック動画/バインダークリップ

便利すぎるダブルクリップの使い方15選!この黒いクリップにはまだまだ可能性を感じますね!他にも楽しいオススメの使い方があったら教えてください^^ Lets look at some of the best things Binder Clips can do !★チャンネル登録おねがいします《Consider Subscribing》 → ーーーーーーーーーー Instagram→ twitter→ Facebook→ ーーーーーーーーーー 14連発!!【簡単な瓶の開け方】栓抜きを使わないビールの開け方 How Read more [...]

Netflix releases first preview of Castlevania animated series, based on hit video games【Video】

Premiere date for Season 1 also announced.Back in February, Netflix announced it would be developing an animated adaptation of the Castlevania video game franchise. This came as a pretty big surprise, since even though Castlevania is one of the true classics of the side-scrolling action/adventure genre, it’s been years since the series was particularly relevant. The last two Castlevania games, subtitled Lords of Shadow, received lukewarm responses from critics and fans alike. Even rights Read more [...]
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